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Stock Range

This is a guide to our stock, it is not exhaustive. We also sell many things not listed here; but this gives some idea of what we sell, and our price range. It was correct on the date it was prepared (as shown below), however new stock arrives daily, and other stock is sold.

New stock comes first, scroll down to see our Vintage and Secondhand range, and gold coins.

List prepared on 05 August 2016

New Jewellery and Watches

Gold Diamond Rings Sold out Watches * £6 to £139

Other Gold Rings Sold out Silver Rings £8 to £188

Gold Pendants £32 to £99 Silver Pendants £1 to £111

Gold Charms Sold out Silver Charms £2 to £28

Gold Chains £16 to £91 Silver Chains £5 to £207

Gold Bracelets Sold out Silver Bracelets £9 to £119

Gold Ear-Rings £13 to £113 Silver Ear-Rings £3 to £120

* Watches listed above are not made from precious metal, they are designed for every day or fashion use.

Vintage and Secondhand Jewellery

Gold Bracelets Gold Rings

Gold Bangles £38 to £529 Gold Diamond Rings £26 to £2,900

Gold Charm Bracelets £128 to £692 Gold Wedding Rings £21 to £869

Other Gold Bracelets £20 to £1,299 Gold Signet Rings £21 to £450

Other Gold Rings £16 to £489

Other Gold Jewellery (except Rings) Silver Jewellery

Gold Brooches £19 to £950 Silver Rings £4 to £159

Gold Chains £10 to £1,081 Silver Bangles £12 to £79

Gold Charms £7 to £180 Silver Bracelets £3 to £119

Gold Ear-Rings * £8 to £695 Silver Chains £3 to £219

Gold Pendants £6 to £489 Silver Charms £3 to £42

Gold Watches £195 to £795 Silver Pendants £3 to £59

* Cleaned in boiling water for 20 minutes as well as our usual polishing.

Gold Coins

Sovereigns £254 Half Sovereigns £127

Coin prices shown were correct on 05 August 2016

They're updated daily, in line with the gold price. Please check for today’s price.

There is a credit card surcharge on gold coins only, the prices shown are for cash or debit card payments.