Wrexham Heritage Trail

Let's walk the trail route

We start at Wrexham Museum. If it’s open, call in for a coffee or snack, toilets are available.

As you walk out of the museum, turn left and you will immeditely come to an impressive Gothic revival building on the left.  It's St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral

Continue straight across the road, and you immediately come to the Old Infirmary on the left, today used as the School of Art.

Turn back, and then turn right at the road you had just crossed.  Walk along it until you see the only old building, which is in Bavarian style, it’s the brewery offices, all that remains of Wrexham Lager brewery.

Bit of a walk this time.  Continue past the brewery site. Turn left at the end of the road, then right at the traffic lights.  Go past the museum, and straight on into the town centre.  Immediately after you pass Priory St, you’ll see a thatched pub on the right dating from the 16th Century. Now known as the Horse and Jockey.

Perhaps after a short break, continue a few yards and look for a large arch in the buildings on the left, it’s the Argyle Arch.

Continue along Hope St as it bears right, until you come to the traffic lights.  The parish church is in front of you, but we’ll come back to that shortly.  For now turn right and look on the left for Nos 5 and 7 Town Hill, they may not look exciting, but they’re much older than you’d think.

Turn round, and walk back up the hill.  Turn right at the traffic lights into Church St and you come to the fine mediaeval St Giles Church

As you leave the church gates, turn right onto the footpath. Follow the path down to Yorke St and turn right, and walk to where the road turns left.  The tall chimney and Nag's Head pub are all that’s left of a brewery.

Turn round and head back up Yorke St until you see the elegant Wynnstay Arms Hotel on your right, just before Charles St, it’s an old coaching inn.

Continue past the Wynnstay Arms and across Charles St and you come to The Feathers on your right, another old coaching inn.

Continue along Chester St past The Feathers and note the unusual single storey block of shops, the buildings date from Charles II’s time, the first in the block is Martin Rees Jewellers.

Walk past the jewellers, and take the first turning on the left, Henblas St.   Where the road turns right, note the General Market on the right, it was opened in 1879.

Turn your back on the entrance to the General Market and you are facing the Butchers Market, Wrexham’s first indoor market, opened in 1848.  Walk through this market, and leave by the other entrance, in High St.

If the market is closed, walk back along Henblas St and Chester St and turn right into High St (opposite the Wynnstay Arms).

On the opposite side of High St from Butchers Market there is The Crafty Dragon, formely Alliance Assurance, which has a nice solid look as befits an insurance company.  In addition it introduced exciting new technology.

And that’s the end of the trail for now.

We hope you’ve had as much fun exploring it, as we had in producing it.

Copyright Martin Rees Jewellers

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